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Here are various sound design elements I've created and live recordings I've mixed.
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Custom Sound Effect "Sequence: VW van drives up, engine turns off, door opens, feet hit ground, door shuts"

Custom Sound Effect "Sequence: close car door, start engine, squeal tires and drive away"

Combination of field recording and library SFX

Custom Soundscape "Vehicles gather and an angry crowd assembles outside"

Custom Sound Effect "Train - Approach and Pass"

Combination of field recording and library SFX

Custom Sound Effect "Exploding Junk"

Custom Sound Effect "Man Overboard! (Water Splash)"

"No Me Esqueca" (Jazz)

Excerpt of FOH board mix of live concert featuring the Joe Henderson Quintet.

"When You're A Jet" (Musical Theater)

Excerpt of FOH board mix of Atlanta Lyric Theatre's production of West Side Story

"Thank You" (Gospel)

Excerpt of FOH board mix for Richard Smallwood - Adoration: Live In Atlanta CD/DVD

"Intro & Monologue" (Spoken Word)

Not all corporate meetings have to be dull! A FOH archive recording of the introduction and opening remarks of a marketing executive. He insisted on the choice of walk-on music, then did a stand-up routine before going into his prepared speech. Other than his references to where the meeting was held, names are bleeped to maintain anonymity.