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Here are some categorized links I've found useful and interesting. Check 'em out...

Shure Wireless Frequency Finder
Sennheiser Wireless Frequency Finder
Calculators - sample rates, delay, BPM, etc.
Analog X - great audio & computer software utilities
Audacity - free audio recording & editing software
Sound Design for movies (The one for "Flight" is particularly fascinating.)
Excellent article about ripping CD's on a Mac or PC
Excellent technical articles on various audio and video cabling topics

Drum Channel - drum programs & videos
"A Century of Drums and Drummers" article
"History of the Drumset" article
Vintage Drum Guide
Drummerworld - famous drummer bios, videos & more
Drum Tuning article
Great Cymbal Info Site
Modern Drummer magazine

All Music Guide - very comprehensive site
All About Jazz
Aural Moon - Progressive Rock
Wolfgang's Vault - Concert recordings, music memorabilia
Music Dispatch - sheet music, magazine back issues
Classic Rock & Pop album reviews

Tom's Hardware - very comprehensive site
www.grc.com - check your computer's Internet security & utilities
www.speedguide.net - Internet connection speed test & tweeks
www.4shared.com - 10GB of online free music, video, photo file storage

Online Retailers I Recommend
BSW - Audio Gear
Full Compass - Music, Audio & Video Gear
Markertek - Audio & Video Gear & Parts
Parts Express - Audio Gear & Parts
Sound Professionals - Audio Gear & Parts
Interstate Music - Drum & Music Gear
Newegg.com - Computers, Electronics & Parts
Crucial.com - Computer Memory & Peripherals

Science & Medicine
USA Doppler Radar with links to regional maps
Hubble Telescope space photos
Cool NASA pictures
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome article - explanation & Info Another explanation

Spiritual & Philosophical
Daily Word - inspirational messages
Akashic Records article and a video explanation
Religious Tolerance - very comprehensive site about many religions
Tao Te Ching translation

The "Grab Bag"

Internet Movie Database - very comprehensive site
Card Games - very comprehensive site
Bicycle info - very comprehensive site
Ellis Island - Port of New York information
Archive of Misheard Lyrics - funny stuff!
Classic musician jokes
Easysurf - A Grab-bag all by itself - A whole BUNCH of useful info: online stopwatch, games, etc.